Tear it Down, to Let it Grow

Posted December 15th, 2014 by Emily Gaskins

Early in 2013, I found myself heading down a path of self-destruction.  I was filled with anxiety and was extremely depressed.  I felt that my life was spiraling out of control.  I was still in shock over the end of my 14 year relationship.  I was having difficulties with my son, and I was having a hard time recovering from my cervical fusion.  I was in constant emotional and physical pain.  I felt that there was nothing left for me. 

I began to discuss this with my surgeon who quickly suggested that I try yoga.  In April 2013, I decided to give it a try.  There was a studio close to work that was running a beginner special so I called and signed up for my first class.  I attended classes at the small studio for several weeks, purchased a 10 class package, and then due to a scheduling conflict, I started searching for a new studio.  It wasn’t long after that I stumbled upon Mystic Power Yoga. 

When I stepped into the studio, I was unprepared for the amazing journey that I was about to embark upon. What is up with this hot room?  What is this mediation she’s doing at the beginning of class?  What is this thing called flow?  I left class that evening thinking, this is NOTHING like what I was doing at the other studio… I kind of like it.  Well, I went back to a few more classes and then thought I should use up the package at the other studio.  One trip back to the old studio and someone turned on the air conditioner!  WHAAAT????  I still have a few classes left there… never to return!  I was hooked on Mystic Power Yoga.

That fall, I participated in my first 40 days program and learned so much about myself.  I found a way to control my anxiety through the practice of breathing.  I found a way to express my feelings and face my fears. I learned that my eating habits were horrific.  I started for the first time in years caring about myself. I learned that I was the only person that could change the path that I was on.   Not long after that 40 day program, I attended an all-day immersion in Washington, DC it was then that I knew that I needed to share this wonderful gift. 

Today, nearly 18 months after my first class at Mystic Power Yoga, I have found courage, and I have found my voice.  The love and support I have found in this community have made it possible for me to grow.  In a few short months I will spread my wings again and take on a new opportunity with my company in Michigan.  Without the gifts and tools I’ve received since beginning my practice with Mystic Power Yoga; I don’t know that this would have ever been possible for me.

Everyone I’ve met at Mystic Power Yoga, has touched my life and helped me free myself from my demons.  I will forever be grateful to you all.