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Jackie Buchman - Certified Mystic Power Yoga Instructor - RYT-200

I took my first yoga class in 2012. I was immediately hooked. Although I have always been physically active, I had never done anything like this before. I was a student turned teacher of dance for years and also runner, yet yoga challenged me in ways that neither have ever done. Staying present and in my body was a totally foreign idea. While running, my goal was always to leave my body, to let my mind wander as far as possible as to not think about the miles or my aches and pains. I left that class with a sense of peace in both my mind and body that I had never experienced before. After that, I stumbled upon Mystic Power Yoga and that was the mark of a new beginning for me. Dedicating myself to my practice became more than just poses and breathing. It became about community and self discovery. My teacher Michele motivated to be more than I ever thought possible, and it all began with my first 40 day program. I left the program felling confident and capable. I made changes in my life that I never thought I’d accomplish. Then after completed the Baptiste Program “Being of Power”, I knew I was ready to take on teacher training! Now, my goal as a teacher is to be a stand for my students and inspire them to reach for new heights on their mat and in their lives. My new goal for myself as a student, is to attend Level 1 Training in 2017 and work towards my Baptiste Certification.