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Jennifer Sloot - Certified Mystic Power Yoga Instructor - RYT-200

In 2009 I ruptured my hamstring. After exhausting all resources to fix this problem, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Michele Fisher at Mystic Power Yoga. This was my first experience in the world of yoga and became totally hooked. Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga offered by Michele through Mystic Power Yoga, has helped my leg but more importantly, has led me down a path of inner and outer flexibility, strength and growth. I am eternally grateful for this incredible opportunity and community support that is at every class. It is in this light that I embraced the opportunity to learn and become a teacher under Michele’s guidance, love and her extraordinary insightfulness. I hope I can be a small offshoot of Michele and with my life’s experience bring my own dynamic within the guidelines of the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, to our yoga mats and make a difference in other peoples’ lives. My wish is to share and help and to pay it forward for all I have gained, both at the Mystic Power Yoga studio and in my life. I am blessed to be part of a community of amazing people who are so special in my life and from whom I continue to learn every day. I know I will always be a student and teacher but it is my pledge to all those I know, to be compassionate, caring and to the best of my ability to be HERE NOW for all in my life.