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Maureen Brown - Certified Mystic Power Yoga Instructor - RYT-200

I took my first power vinyasa yoga class in 2007. I was immediately captivated by the physical, emotional and spiritual rewards of the practice. My flexibility, strength, posture and patience improved dramatically, which in turn has had a profound effect on my entire life. Since then I’ve attended four (4) All-Day Immersion Workshops with Baron Baptiste in New York, Boston & Philadelphia. I have also attended a weekend Foundations in Action in Park City, Utah with Baron and the Baptiste team. Each practice leaves me with a new sense of inner peace, truth and gratitude. Yoga is now a full-time, essential part of my life! Through a focused mind and an open heart, my goal as a teacher is to create a space that is energetic, challenging, happy & authentic – leaving all students shining and empowered! My passion in teaching is to share my knowledge of Power Vinyasa Yoga with all levels of students – from the beginner to the experienced practitioner. My hopes are to leave every student feeling the beauty, the power and the magic of this invaluable yoga. I have enormous gratitude to Baron Baptiste, Michele Fisher & my fellow teachers at Mystic Power Yoga who continue to inspire me and keep my eyes open to new possibilities and growth. I plan to continue my practice as a student and teacher at Mystic Power Yoga – and watch the transformations and love of life continue and shine through myself, my students, my family, and my community!