Karma Yogi

Karma Yoga Program

The Mystic Power Yoga's Karma Yoga Program is an opportunity for dedicated students to contribute to the overall growth of our yoga community through service. These students are committed to their yoga practice and also to the growth our community. Program participants volunteer their time and talents by helping with events, classes, special programs and the over operation and appearance of our studio. In exchange for their service, program participants are eligible for free classes and discounts. These Karma Yogis work closely with Michele and are a very important part of the transformational work provided by Mystic Power Yoga. If you are interested in becoming a part of our Karma Yoga Program email Michele at


Karma Team

Valerie Flaim - Special Events Support

"Yoga has enriched my life with a renewed sense of energy and passion. The Mystic Power Yoga Community welcomes, motivates and challenges me!"

Sandy Foley - Behavioral Therapist / Kids Yoga

"Yoga for the child at Mystic, is a tool for children to use when exploring their resources within. Empowerment, focus, community and peace are within us all. The mastery of them will make life's journey all the more memorable. Why not learn these skills at the beginning of the path?"